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The Gurmat Sangeet Project is delighted to make available high quality recordings that are reflective of the rich traditions of Gurmat Sangeet. While there is no shortage of studio recordings of Kirtan, most of the material available today is a product of the commercial money making machine which, unfortunately has played a large role in the dilution of this tradition. In most part these studio recordings are over produced and over instrumented; the net result is an extremely banal form of Kirtan which is almost completely bereft of spirituality. Often times the melodies employed are cheap imitations of film music, ghazal music or other prevalent popular forms. Additionally, even when some good recordings are available, the accompanying information on the shabads and the singers is very sparse.

In contrast, the recordings available here have been carefully selected to meet a few specific criteria :

  • All shabads have been sung in Raga, per the traditions of Gurmat Sangeet.
  • Most Shabads have been recorded live, in the presence of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Wherever possible, information about the Raga and the Taal used is provided.
  • Wherever possible profiles of the Ragis who have sung these shabads is provided.

All shabads are available for download in high quality MP3 format.

The Gurmat Sangeet Project is entirely a volunteer effort with no funding sources from any institution or body. This premium service is being offered free initially; registration is required to download the shabads. Eventually this will be a subscription based service. A modest monthly fee will be charged to access the recordings. Recordings will be constantly updated as more material becomes available.

You are encouraged to download these MP3 files, save them on your computer, burn CDs and widely distribute them to lovers of Gurmat Sangeet. These shabads are the Guru's gift to everyone and should be freely shared. The few copyrighted recordings on this site are an exceptipon to this; a copyright notice is attached to each suh recording.

If you perceive any value in the efforts of the Gurmat Sangeet Project and would like to participate in growing and sustaining its efforts, please donate generously; become a Member or a Sponsor.

Note : The MP3 files are very large & best downloaded over a broadband connection

The Gurmat Sangeet Project features original recordings by :