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A simple tutorial that explains the system of notation used in the above shabads as well as basic musical concepts is available in the paper :  Gurmat Sangeet Appreciation. The paper also presents a map of the harmonium or keyboard, making it fairly easy for the beginning student to identify and play musical notes.

This is an evolving section of the website; more notations will be added in the future; this is an area where help is greatly appreciated. If you can parse the notes of any of the rcordings on this website, please do so and submit the notation so that it can be added to this list.

In order to send us notations or other material, please visit the Submissions page.

Shabad (Recording)
Har Har Simro Sant Gopala (Amrit Kaur) Yaman Kalyan Bhai Nazar Singh Ji, Milwaukee
Charan Kamal Prabh Ke Nit Dhyavoh (Mehr Kaur) Bilaval Gyani Dyal Singh Ji, Delhi
Mohe Na Bisaro Main Jan Tera (Amrit Kaur) Bhoopali Bhai Nazar Singh Ji, Milwaukee
Re Man Aiso Kar Sanyasa (Vijayant Singh) Bhinn Shadja Bhai Nazar Singh Ji, Milwaukee
Jagat Jot Japai Nis Basur (Amrit Kaur) Ahir Bhairav Bhai Nazar Singh Ji, Milwaukee