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Articles & Papers

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Gurmat Sangeet Apppreciation
A basic paper that explains the fundamentals of Gurmat Sangeet; introduction to the concept of a Raga; introduction to the Svaras or musical notes; a simple notational system; practical guides on note identification; introduction to male and female harmonium scales; introduction to some seminal Gurmat Sangeet recordings in Ragas Bilaval and Dhanasri
The Evolution of Gurmat Sangeet
A more advanced paper that traces the evolution of Gurmat Sangeet through the times of various Guru Sahibs; introduction to Partals; musical aspects of the Dasam Granth; Dhunis in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib; topics for further research
Bhai Samund Singh
An article on Bhai Samund Singh Ji, one of the greatest Ragis of the 20th Century by noted novelist Balwant Gargi. The article appeared in the publication 'Amrit Kirtan'. Many thanks to Parminder Kaur for typing in the article.