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Kirtan Darbar at Bridgewater, NJ March 2, 2005

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit the Bridgewater New Jersey Gurdwara with my family for the Sunday program, after almost five an a half years. It was an emotional visit for me personally. We were a young, newlywed couple when we started attending Bridgewater in 1991. This was the Gurughar that we brought our children to, the first time, after their birth. In may profound ways, we 'grew up' in Bridgewater, getting a lot of love and affection from the Bridgewater Sangat and learning many things from it.

These recordings and photograps are from the Sunday program in Bridgewater, NJ. For more on this please check out the GurmatSangeet Blog

Kiya Khel Vadmel Tamasha Bhai Parkash Singh Bilaskhani Todi  
Lobh Lahar At Nijhar Baje Kaya Dobe Kesva Bhai Parkash Singh Basant Hindol  
Maha Maha Mumarkhi Chadiya Sadaa Basant Mehr Kaur Basant (Marwa) Iktaal
Dekh Phool Phool Phoolai Sarbpreet Singh Basant (Purvi) Iktaal
Man Kahan Bisaryo Raam Naam Bhai Parkash Singh Basant Bahar  
Anand Sahib Bhai Parkash Singh    

Bhai Parkash Singh and his Jatha; Harbhajan Singh on tabla

Harbhajan Singh

Mehr Kaur

Sarbpreet Singh