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The Gurmat Sangeet Project is a grass roots effort with no source of funding other than contributions from Sevadars and volunteers. Even an effort as modest as this one requires a certain amount of funding to keep it going, mostly to defray Web hosting costs.

At some point in the future, futher funds will be required to set up fellowships and scholarships for the study of Gurmat Sangeet.

If you feel this effort is worthwhile, please contribute towards the Preservation & Propagation of Gurmat Sangeet. We need your support to keep this Website going !!

This page is dedicated to those organizations and individuals who have provided significant support to the Gurmat Sangeet Project. Three levels of Sponsorship are available :

Friend One time contribution of any amount
Gold Sponsor Annual commitment of $1000
Silver Sponsor Annual commitment of $500
Bronze Sponsor Annual commitment of $250

The purpose of listing Sponsoring organizations & indivudals on this page is more than just acknowledging support. The intention is to develop a Community of Interest of like minded individuals, dedicated to the preservation of Gurmat Sangeet and to provide a Forum for them to interact and benefit from each other's interest in the tradition.

To become a sponsor, please send an email message to :

Name Sponsorship Level email Gurmat Sangeet Related Interests
Nirupam Singh Silver    
Gupt Kirtan Premi Gold