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Sikh Youth Symposium 2004

The 2004 International Sikh Youth Symposium was held in Boston from August 5 - August 8. About 50 extremely bright young men and women from all over the US and Canada travelled to Boston with their families to participate in the Symposium. While the primary purpose of the visit was to particpate in the speech competition, the competitors and their friends and siblings participated enthusiastically in various Diwans during the course of the three days and exhibited an astonishing degree of proficiency in Gurmat Sangeet.

Special mention needs to made of the various students of Prof. Purshottam Singh Ji of Toronto. All of these young Kirtaniyas deserve high parise for the tremendous amount of effort and dedication that are obviously pouring into the study of Gurmat Sangeet. We are also fortunate to have in our midst, teachers like Prof. Purshottam Singh Ji, who is tryly making a tremendous contribution to the preservation and propagation of the Gurmat Sangeet tradition by diligently working with so many bright young and women.

While the primary purpose of this page is to present the Kirtan recordings made during the program, the page also contains information about the Awards Banquet, held in Worcester, MA to honor the participants, during which the Khalsa Theater Company, presented Akho Phabhi Khano Nu, a historical play set in the 18th century, based on the immortal exploits of Baba Bota Singh and Baba Garja Singh, and their grand rebellion against the tyrannical Zakria Khan.

Images from the Kirtan Darbars held during the 2004 Sikh Youth Symposium : (recordings below)



Recordings from the Kirtan Darbars held during the 2004 Sikh Youth Symposium :

Dekh phool phool phoole Basant
Ghan garjat gobind roop Miyan Ki Malhar
Hey rav hey sas hey karunanidh Asavari
Hou kurbane hou kurbane hou kurbane jaoun Tilang (Partal)
Ja tu mere sang Todi
Kavan gun pranpat milo meri mayi Bhairavi
Mouli dhartu moulya akash Bahar
Raam japo ji aise aise  
Prabh more kab gal layeynge Yaman Kalyan
Satgur pure keeni daat Kanada
Dovai thaav rakhe gur sure Bilaval
Jap man satnam Bilaval
Jee ki birtha ko sunai Malkauns
Mere lalan ki sobha Yaman Kalyan
Ram gosainya jee ke jevanaa  
Rogan te ar sogan te Bhupali
Satgur aayo saran tuhari Todi (Partal)