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Bhai Pirthipal Singh Ji Mohanpal Singh Ji

Please send us a picture of this Jatha if you have one.

These rare recordings by Bhai Pirthipal Singh Bhai Mohanpal Singh provide a fine example of the Gurmat Sangeet tradition. Sons of Bhai Pal Singh Ji (who was part of the celebrated Jatha of Bhai Jaswant Singh Pal Singh, popularly known as Jassa-Pala) they were dedicated and humble kirtaniyas who spent a lifetime serving the Sikh Panth. They were accompanied on the tabla by their brother Bhai Mahindepal Singh, a student of Bhai Joginder Singh, Mohinder Singh. Bhai Pirthipal Singh and Bhai Mohanpal singh Ji belonged to a long line of traditional kirtaniyas and received primary instruction from their father Bhai Pal Singh Ji and their uncles Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji and Bhai Gulzar Singh Ji. Additionally they received instruction from Ustad Abdul Rahman Khan Sahib and Utad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib, respectively. Bhai Pirthipal Singh was related to the redoubtable Bhai Dharm Singh Zakhmi Ji by marriage.

These biographical details were provided by Bhai Rajinderpal Singh 'Jindi', Bhai Pirthipal Singh Ji's son, who is a fine tabla player, residing in the Washington DC area.

These recordings were made in the early 70s in Singapore. I acquired them recently during a trip to Singapore from Gyani Bikar Singh Ji of the Katong Gurdwara. Gyani Bikar Singh Ji deserves special mention here; he has been quietly archiving and documenting Gurmat Sangeet in Singapore for the past several decade by recording visiting Ragis and encouraging them to preserve the Gurmat Sangeet tradition. An extremely humble, modest and dedicated soul, Gyaniji desrves our collective thanks for the tremendous effort that he has made over the years.

I will be eternally grateful to any Gurmat Sangeet premis who would be willing to share photographs or biographical information on Bhai Pirthipal Singh Ji Mohanpal Singh Ji.

Added January 3, 2005    
Dhan dhan Ramdas Gur    
Gur tar taran hariya    
Ham kukar tere darbar    
Sarvar hans dhurai hi mela    
Sri Ram nama uchar mana    
Sun murakh man ajana    
Added January 2, 2005    
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