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Bhai Balbir Singh Ji

The ebullient personality of Bhai Balbir Singh Ji is the stuff of legend. Now retired, he was one of the greatest of the Hazuri Ragis at the Sri Harmandir Sahib. A veritable treasure trove of Dasam Bani, he was well known for singing various Taranas from the Sarabloh Granth and Sangeet Chhands from the Dasam Granth. While Bhai Sahib was extensively recorded by the T Series label, which released two sets of kirtan covering all the 31 major Ragas of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, it is my humble opinion that the glory of his singing has not been effectively captured by the studio recordings. The Bhai Balbir Singh who emerges form those recordings is an insipid approximation of the original ! Unfortunately I have not been able to experience a lot of Bhai Sahib's Kirtan live. I did visit with him, several years ago in Amritsar. Perfectly in line with Murphy's Law, my MD recorded refused to function and I was unable to record the few shabads he sang during an informal session at his home.

The Gurmat Sangeet Project is delighted to present these rare, live recordings of Bhai Sahib, which were kindly contributed by my good friend, S. Amardeep Singh of Singapore.

bisar gyi sabh tat parayi Guldasta ( Malkauns, Chandrakauns, Surajkauns, Jogkauns) Chartaal, Iktaal, Tintaal
hal muridan da kehna Dhanasri Chartaal
jhagardang nagardang bhagardang baje Chandrakauns Tintal
kat jaiye re ghar lago rang (with Basant Ki Var) Basant (Marwa Ang)  
maerae preethamaa ho jeevaa naam dhhiaae Sri Raga (Partal) Chartaal, Dipchandi, Tintaal
mitter pyare nu hal mureedan da kehna Malkauns Chartal
naaraaein nindhas kaae bhoolee gavaaree   Tintaal
thum ravahu gobindhai ravan jog Basant (Marwa Ang)  
tadr dani tum dani talal tum terena (Tarana)  
tadr dani tum dani (Tarana)  
veer ras shabads Various Various
pati tore malini Kafi  
trin te mer karo    
at pritam man mohna    
meri abe benti sun leejai    
puta mata ki asees    
nirjur nirup ho ke sundar sarup ho    
tu kun re mai ji nama eh ji    
anand sahib ramkali