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The 2013 Santa Ana Basant Darbar


A couple of months ago, Professor Ranjit Singh called to invite Mehr Kaur to sing at the 2013 Basant Darbar at the Santa Ana Gurdwara Sahib. As it turned out, Mehr was unable to attend due to conflicts at school, but I was able to as I was in Southern California for a family event. It was a fabulous program in every way! The personal highlight for me was the opportunity to listen to Bhai Sahib Beant Singh Bijli Ji, who I had last heard 25 years ago at the Riverside Gurdwara. I was then a young man and had recently arrived from India. I did not know it at that time, but my journey into Gurmat Sangeet was just beginning. I rememebr being mesmerized by Bijli Ji's singing, even though I didn't quite know what was going on! It was around that time too that I met Antion Vikram Singh Meredith, who also had a profound effect on me. It was through the inspiration provided by giants like Bijli Ji, Vikram Singh Ji and a few others, that Gurmat Sangeet became an important part of my life. For this, I shall be eternally grateful! If Waheguru wills it, The Gurmat Sangeet Project will be honoring Bijli Ji at a special Gurmat Sangeet Darbar at the Sikh Sabha Gurdwara Sahib in Lawrenceville New Jersey on July 13/14 2013

Bhai Sahib Beant Singh Bijli Ji with Sahib SIngh, Bhai Naib Singh, Bhai Anantvir Singh, S. Gurjaipal Singh Nanak Tina Basant Hai and Kavan Gun Pranpat Milo Meri Mai
Professor Ranjit Singh Ji with Sahib Singh, Sahib E Kamaal SIngh and Bhai Anantvir Singh Sabh Madhmate Kou Na Jaag
Bhai Anantvir Singh with Bhai Naib Singh and Bhai Akal Singh Teriyan Bhagtan Ko Balhara
Bhai Varinder Singh Greh Take Basant Ganee
Bhai Gurpreet Singh

Rut Aaile Saras Basant Mahe

Tu Cho Sajan Maidiaa Daeee Sis Utaar

Bhai Jaswant Singh Bholeya Haoumai Surat Visar
Bhai Satwinder Singh Maha Mah Mumarkhi Chadiya Sadaa Basant
Bhavandeep Singh Zakhmi and Jasdeep Singh Zakhmi with Bhai Harmohan Singh Zakhmi Pita Parbrahm Prabh Dhani
Bhai Mardana Institute

Pehal Basantai Agaman

Mera Prabh Maouliya Sad Basant

Banaspat Maouli Chadiya Basant